VISSAVIOUR AG-1, a fully autonomous drone for the detection of weeds in Coffee plantation and spraying weedicides.


  • Aerial imaging 

  • Monitoring (included night vision)

  • Fully automatic weed detection

  • Chemicals spraying

This autonomous drone can finish the complete monitoring from weed detection to the plants health and also completes spraying of the weedicides.

The target spraying system involves the detection of weeds in between the Coffee field and features real-time control of sprayer operation. 

Vissaviour AG-1 has the capability of expanding its way depending on the applications. Basically, this drone was made only for the weeds detection and spraying. this drone can also be used on whole mapping of fields (Crop analysis & Health Assessment), Tree Counts, Wild Animal Intrusion.

  • First of its kind (A UAV on coffee plantation as weeder)

  • Completely autonomous

  • High quality mapping and crop analysis

  • Work-ability regardless of terrain and slope

  • Low cost per unit land

  • Less maintenance cost

  • High maneuverability